Raiders' 30th: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

In the past several years I've come to the conclusion that the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland is the last truly great attraction made there. It's on the same level of production value and design that makes Pirates or the Haunted Mansion classics.

I've learned that it has behind the scenes mysteries and secrets unknown to the general public worthy of an Indy movie itself. I thought it be fun to spotlight a few this month.

First up, when riding through the mummy lined catacomb portion, keep an eye out for Bones, a Mouseketeer hat wearing skeleton.

Photo by Andy Neitzert

Spotting him is tough though, usually Bones is one of the first mummies you speed by on your left, but sometimes Disney Cast Members (aka employees) have been known to place the hat on different figure for a day or so. It's even been removed completely at times never to be found. Legend has it was done as a prank by one of the Cast Members years ago and has stuck around.

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