Return of the Boogeyman

I colored one of the Boogeyman sketches I posted about a little while back. I'm always trying to trust more in my pencil drawing with added color as finished illustrations. The sketchy lines have more life to them than anything inked (well, at least with my current inking skills). 

Fun Fact: Disney thought this too. Taking advantage of new technology in 1961, trying to retain that unique penciled vitality, the animation drawings for 101 Dalmatians were Xeroxed onto clear cels for the first time before coloring as opposed to traditional hand tracing and inking.


  1. Great character Dave! I like this guy alot.

  2. Thanks Dave!
    I could imagine this guy a distant cousin of your cool creations if I ever sculpted him.

  3. Amazing sketch and the colouring adds so much to it