Creative Inspiration: Jeannie's Bottle

It's always inspiring to know one of television's most iconic props was a time and budget restricted simple creation.

This might be old trivia to some, but I've just learned from watching an interview with Barbara Eden publicizing her new book that the famous bottle from "I Dream of Jeannie" was only a store bought Jim Beam whiskey decanter hand painted by one of show's prop people.

Sure enough, I found this old 1960's magazine ad via the web.

Speaking of TV magic, here's a couple of other images I found. Remember those fun scenes of Jeannie when inside her bottle like this?

Well, numerous lessons in set design and construction can be learned just by looking at this behind the scenes picture...


  1. I was listening to an interview with her yesterday on the radio and she was so eloquent. She is still just as pretty as she was back then.I still love to watch old reruns of her show.

  2. Dave, that is awesome! Right up my alley. As a blondie, I hand-stitched an entire Jeannie costume for myself once, and could not find a decent bottle to serve as a prop to carry (I always like to carry some appropriate prop to complete the effect.)I studied everything I could find about Jeannie at the time. That was about 15 years ago, pre-computer for me, so I went library-hopping. Never knew that about the bottle. I think I need one, even if its just for old times's sake. Thanks for the info. And oh yes! I love Barbara Eden.

  3. Gates of D,
    I agree.

    Glad this post hit home for you. I also lived in the pre google world you had to research in once upon a time. Everyday I type something in and marvel how it helps my work but raise a fist cursing the heavens that I never found "that" after spending hours in the library years ago.

  4. Wow, I had no idea about the bottle! That behind the scenes photo is awesome, too. Thanks Dave!

  5. Having spent lots of "alone time" with Jeannie when I was young, it was pretty cool seeing where the bottle came from and the set design.

    I only wish creating something for my yard display was so easy since I don't have the ability of a camera to focus where you look. Still, I enjoy those behind-the-scenes pictures. Great find!


  6. How cool is that??? I LOVED the bits with Jeannie in her bottle. Thanks for this... one of the childhood mysteries you never thought you'd never know the answer to. :)

  7. where did Jeannie go to the bathroom?