Harvest of Shame

 50 years ago this week the plight of the American migrant worker was exposed in the landmark CBS Reports documentary, Harvest of Shame, as reported by Edward R. Murrow and produced by my grandfather David Lowe. This program was my grandfather's first job as producer for CBS Reports and earned an Emmy and a Peabody. He went on to produce many influential and award winning episodes in the series.

CBS news has made the entire documentary available to watch on their website and through their YouTube channel (click here). It's a fascinating and poignant time capsule of the world then and sadly, as reported by CBS recently, still an issue in our country today (click here). Take the time to watch and read.

My Grandfather makes several appearances in Harvest of Shame conducting most of the interviews. This fact means a great deal to me, not because he was on TV, but because I never knew him. He passed away a few weeks before I was born. It allows me to hear his voice and get a sense of the person he was beyond family stories.


  1. OK, now I know why YOUR name stuck in my head.They also showed this on public broadcasting stations while I was growing up.My grandma was a teacher's aid and exposed us to many documentaries.Glad you told me about this connection.You come from a great man who cared about America.

  2. I enjoyed watching this documentary and I think your grandpa did an excellent job. As he interviewed, we saw him mostly from the back, except once about mid-way through when his face was shown. He had a gentle voice and manner and spoke to all his subjects with respect and genuine interest. This is perfect Thanksgiving viewing. It makes me thankful for all the material wealth I have.

    Did you notice that when Murrow interviewed, we saw his subjects through Murrow's cigarette smoke? It is a wonderful time capsule. I had forgotten about the ever present cigarette smoke of my childhood.

    I admire your grandpa. He was a good and caring person. He did important work.

  3. Thanks for posting Dave.

  4. Wonderful post and what a special way to remember the grandfather you never met.