Halloween Prop Challenge: The Entries

For the fun of it awhile back I posted a prop making challenge based on a used soda bottle my niece Devin gave me to make something Halloween themed out of. I now present the three official entries to be judged by Devin.

Bonewart the Dragon: Submitted by Apetoes.
This is a huge and really impressive prop created using old bottles for some pieces in it's skeleton.

Exploding Bottle: Submitted by Lisa B.
Fun use of a bottle made as a prop for a prop in a larger themed display. The horse and carriage are scratch made as well.

Festering Pumpkin Tonic: Submitted by -M
This charming creation actually uses a bottle similar to the one posted in the challenge and was made specifically as an entry.

Thank you to all for entering. Good luck... an 8 year old can be a very harsh critic.


  1. She is tough! These entries are great. Such hard work!

  2. I love the Festering Tonic!! Does it come in a Diet version? :)