16 Days 'til Halloween: The Grave of JOHN ROTZUM

A new resident to the graveyard this year is John Rotzum. Even though many historians confirm he was a founding member in the infamous Countdown to Halloween way back when, very little is known about him today.

Some think he wrote comic books for fun. Some think he was a monster hunter traveling as far away as Portland, Maine. The most absurd story though was that he once went Howard Hughes hermit crazy and made tombstones out of Fed Ex boxes all day just for the fun of it.

Below is an obviously fake image found on the web back in 2009 supposedly of those cardboard graves made by Rotzum. You know the picture is fake because it's a bit blurry, just like any Sasquatch photo said to be real.


  1. Dave, I'm honored. That's a fine looking headstone.

  2. Now that's a tribute to a true Halloween Honcho!