11 Days 'til Halloween: The Unseen Backyard Grave

I'm on some crazy decorating kick this year using lots of real dirt. I've been gluing on props for aging and heaping mounds of it around tombstone bases and other props. My earthy source is a vacant corner in our backyard garden. I've had intentional fun digging a cemetery plot shaped space while filling buckets as needed. I especially enjoyed the Igor feeling last night while gathering dirt during a thunderstorm we had here.

Much more soil is needed... there might be an actual 6 foot deep grave available to rent by
the 31st.


  1. Are the neighbours getting suspicious with your grave digging or are they used to you?? :)

  2. Tracy,
    Not even a second glance from them. I'd bet I could pull a stuffed, dripping body bag from my car trunk in June and no one would think anything weird.

  3. Your artistry is amazing...I am not a Halloween person, but your creations make me almost wish I was.

    Will look forward to seeing what the end result for your yard will be.