Zombie Hands

My zombie hands are made from Crayola Model Magic. I sculpt each finger bone and palm. Once dry, all are threaded together with wire. Not only is this a fast and fun way to make them with instant creative satisfaction, but incredibly lightweight allowing for some really expressive gestures.

They're no where near scientifically accurate, but when your graveyard residents are cartoony looking like mine, anatomical artistic liberties are allowed.


  1. OK - I love me some crayola model magic but what do you use to seal it against the elements? I find it doesn't last very long out in the yard.

  2. Hi Faith,
    I've actually had really good luck with Model Magic outside. Even props using it a few years old still look good (although a bit brittler). Several coats of paint I think is my real trick.

    I'll sometimes add a coat or two of Krylon Crystal Clear (my favorite if I have). I've also used Polycrylic and outdoor wood deck/ marine varnish in the past, all worked okay.

  3. The occured to me this is probably very good also for a flying crank ghost, since it is so light weight. I will have to keep this in mind.

  4. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing this. I have copied your technique by guessing at what you did from the pictures. The fingers were easy, I missed on the plams. How do you Thred them together? This method really brings the props to life, thanks.

  5. P.S to Faith
    I mistyped earlier...I ALWAYS add a coat of two of one of the mentioned clear coats...not "sometimes". Like I wrote though, I think the secret to my model magic stuff lasting has been the thick painting I do.

  6. Screamingscott
    I've never made a crank ghost, but I'll bet would work, not the strongest stuff to support or attach hardware too but great for cosmetic details.

    Happy to hear you've got inspiration from. I just poke the wires from the finger ends into the palms and glue. Depending on how the hands will be posed, sometimes a thicker palm is needed. I've also just used the original Blucky hands and cut off the fingers, stuffed with model magic and replaced with the custom ones.

  7. Good to know about the Model Magic. I want to use it on my new video head effect to enhance the face to match the actor. So thanks so much fo the tip.

    And....the hands look awesome.


  8. Thanks Dave - I've got a new theme going up this year and the Model Magic is piling up throughout the house... Off to grab some Krylon.