Props for GingerDEAD Man 3

Scratch one of the nerd/geek career bucket list. I've just designed and created a few intentionally campy props for a Full Moon movie... Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver.

Although an extremely fun project to do, there was little time and little budget. Which of course are restrictions I'm well experienced working under. What money didn't buy was found in my stash of junk. Another argument in favor of my pro-hoarding lifestyle.

Time machine prop...

Time machine remote control...

Roller disco "Skate Wheel Cleaner" barrel...


  1. I CANNOT wait for this film!!!

  2. too cool!
    is that Rustoleum hammered metal spray paint I spy on that remote?

  3. Good eye Mr. Chicken. Indeed it is, and on the larger time machine (trying to tie both together in look). I love Rustoleum hammered metal...looks great and covers a multitude of sloppy craftsmanship sins when in a rush.