Headless O'Treaty

Bone by glued bone, he rises from the dead "blucky" parts bin. I'm pretty happy with him so far, but now we enter the dark times on a prop. When I might loose steam from the initial creative burst and can get distracted by a new idea. Such was the fate of the poor Franken-Switch in the background looking just as it did week's ago when last worked on. However, the new ideas that distracted me from it were actual paying jobs, so I'm not feeling bad about it.


  1. I think this might be my favorite (so far!) prop of yours. I just love this guy. (please don't start to lose interest in him!)

  2. How do you pose him? Glue?

  3. I really like this, especially since it is made from blucky parts. Did you only lengthen the spine to make him taller? Or are his leg bones longer too?

  4. Dave,

    All I can say is WOW! I love these postings, they show the process which is cool.

    I think this could be your best yet! Please don't stop! STAY FOCUSED, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Also, how to you get him to hold the pose? Are you running wires through him?

  5. Wow, I have never seen a blucky look so good. Blue is definately his color :D

    Seriously this prop is coming along smashingly!


  6. Thanks all, glad you like him.

    He might be mine too, first one in awhile I've tried to stay close to the original sketch.

    This one has a crazy crisscrossed internal support of bent metal stakes. The bones are slipped over and hot glued at the joints. Then the hollow areas are filled in with Great Stuff foam.

    Didn't lengthen anything. He's a mash up of 2 different Blucky styles I bought almost 10 years ago. One's a more realistic look, the other more cartoony. The hip and ribcage of each style happen to have spines on them that once put together are a nice length.

    B. Samurai,
    Thanks!See the comment to Anonymous above about the pose.

    Frog Queen
    I like the blue too. All my zombies always were,until I tried green last year. Not bad, but the blue lets them POP more off the dark lawn at night. Plus they have that familiar "Grim Grinning Ghost" look that just feels right, if you know what I mean.

  7. I love watching as your drawings come to fruition! This is by far the coolest take on a graveyard caretaker prop! I've never been too fond of Bluckies, but I think you've converted me! Your prop building skills and tutorials are such an inspiration to everyone that looks at them!

    I know when I'm feeling down or lose the steam on making a prop or project that I'm working on, I can always turn to your page and find something else amazing to look at, or an easier/new method on creating awesomeness, and I'm always rejuvenated!

  8. Being excited by whatever project I plan to do next vs the one I'm meant to be doing now has been the bane of my creative existence. I keep hoping I'll catch up to the next project while my enthusiasm for it still burns brightly and isn't already distracted by something new and shiny on the horizon.

    That's a beautiful prop and I think it's going to be the highlight of your display, and the mascot for your work for years to come.

  9. Love it, love it, love it!! I wish more people around here (Brisbane, Australia) would get into the Halloween spirit!

  10. How did you put your column together? I like the look of the oddly shaped stones.

  11. Anonymous, It's carved from a single block of bubble foam. I sketched the pattern on with marker then used a small craft embossing heat gun to literally melt/shrink the spaces between stones away. From there it's shaping them the way I like cutting away larger bits with a small saw and rounding with a wire brush.