65 Days 'til Halloween: Patrick O'Treaty the Graveyard Keeper

A sketch of a character currently being assembled in my ghastly, grim garage.

Although I've posted numerous doodles of possible residents in the past for my lawn that are yet to be realized, Patrick O'Treaty spilled onto a sketchbook page last night and I immediately grabbed the hot glue gun and started making him a reality. He's the perfect greeter standing at the entrance to the graveyard, a sort of creepy host to the haunt.

Many October yard artisans have created great ghost stories behind their entire Halloween themed temporary art installations. I love that. Last year, I posted simple tales thought up for a few props, but I've yet to fully imagine the saga that explains the whole yard.

I believe Patrick O'Treaty knows that story and wants to tell it. Hopefully as I build him, he'll share it with me.


  1. Please do! I would love to hear it!


  2. oh, I think this guy is going to be terrific! looking forward to hearing what he has to tell

  3. I love him! Can't wait to see him realized...and I may have to make my own.... ;)

  4. 2 days ago I found your site. What amazing talent (and imagination) you have. I surfed through every possible post within that time and anticipate each new one to come. I think it is fabulous that you share the process to make some of the items, what a resource! My 7 year old's halloween party is going to be a hit, thanks to some of your awesome ideas.