Sketchbook: The Empire Strikes Back

This month marks the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Comic writer, fellow Halloween decorator and Internet friend, John Rozum, is celebrating daily on his blog. Inspired by and sort of liking Star Wars myself, I thought I'd get in on the fun sketching some of my favorite characters from Episode V and share once in awhile through the rest of May.

I'm not going for movie accurate versions here, nor any intentional "re-imagining". I'm just gonna have fun drawing and see what spills out in the sketchbook. Not to sound too arty, but they'll be nerdy impressionistic interpretations. To challenge myself, I'm not using any reference at all. Not even taking a quick glace up at my action figure shelves. 

First up today, Hoth's very own yeti, the Wampa...

Well, it seems my mind's eye morphed a Wampa, the Bumble from Rudolph and Ludo from Labrinth...


  1. LOL! All three perfectly wonderful monsters. Love your blog and your parabnormal comics. Long time lurker, just had to comment that I actually laughed out loud on your afterthought...

  2. Aww... I love the Bumble. He's such a lovable snow beast.