Three Iconic Adventure Heroes

Twenty similarities I've noticed in three iconic adventure heroes beloved by their generation's kids each separated by more than twenty years.
  1. Unique hat (brown)
  2. Well worn attire
  3. Unique weapon that is part of the story
  4. Second unique backup weapon always carried
  5. Right to left hanging strap or belt across chests
  6. At least one additional piece of equipment or gear which is always worn
  7. Often unshaven or general scruffy look
  8. Wisecracking humor
  9. Frequently traveling
  10. Trouble often finds them
  11. Inventive or opportunistic in escape
  12. Their reputations precede them
  13. Occasional unique coat or jacket
  14. Often employed or asked to help
  15. Myths or tall tales about them are told
  16. Unenthusiastic participants in events of greater good
  17. Non-conforming rule breakers
  18. Introduced while at the end of a previous adventure
  19. Loyal company or sidekick in adventure
  20. A ride featuring them in Disneyland
I'm sure there are many more. Feel free to add to the list via a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Always has an argumentative love-interest who needs rescuing in spite of their smack-talking him.