Get A Halloween Prop And Help Save The World.

With the amount of coffee I drink, it's always good to have mints handy. I've been an Altoid man for years but after discovering Project 7 sugar-free mints at a Java City not long ago, I switched brands. Why? Well, just look how they're packaged...

For less than 2 bucks, you get fresh breath, a cool Halloween prop and help make the Earth a better place...50% of the profits go to world hunger relief. Visit for more info and where you might find these near you.

Of course, now I'm inspired to make a test tube holding rack. Look for that project how-to from me soon! These would make a great treat, for a good cause, to give out to the kids this year. Especially being in theme with the Frankenstein's Monster front porch scares at my house. I just might have to start setting some money aside to order enough.


  1. Damn, why i don't live in USA to buy those... curse you UK ;)

  2. I agree with cybrasty!
    I'm in Australia, we don't get any of the cool packaging, I haven't even seen an Altoid tin! All we have are Tim Tams and there's not a lot you can do with a chocolate biscuit wrapper.

  3. Cybrasty and Erica,

    The Project 7 website seems to allow online ordering, then again, maybe over seas shipping costs might defeat the low budget fun of finding these.

    Also Erica, now you've got me thinking what I could make out of biscuit wrappers.

  4. I can't wait for your next project! I love to see what you'll come up with next.