Richard Williams' Christmas Carol

For some of my generation as kids, this 1971 animated version of Dicken's Christmas Carol by Richard Williams was their first telling of the story. My memories are hazy but it seemed to air every hour on weekends during the holidays back then. Nowadays it's forgotten, rarely seen on TV anymore. This film influenced my work in many ways especially with the most horrific interpretations of the spirits "Ignorance" and "Want" ever created which, no pun intended, haunted me for years.

In four parts....


  1. I haven't seen this but just watched it.
    One word, beautiful.
    I don't know what I like about it the most, the somber tone or the innovative animation.
    Thanks for sharing and merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I saw it when I was a child, but didn't remember it accurately. I did, however, remember Ignorance and Want. I have never forgotten them! The ghost Past actually looks as it did in the book. I often wondered how I would draw it. The ghost Present, so pagan, long before Christianity came to England, and the ghost Future - the movement of that hand in the dark! I waited long to see it again, I enjoyed it so much! Thank you, and Merry Christmas.