4 Days 'Til Halloween - Errrrrrrg....

High winds across the San Fernando Valley all day and still going this evening have started to beat up the yard pretty good. The display was holding up well for most of it, but as of an hour ago, one tombstone has blown away into the darkness. Two foam pumpkins were found in a neighbor's yard. Zombie joints have snapped. The spider web is getting tangled. Some lights have spun backwards illuminating the street.

All is nothing to stress over and easily fixed, but if it keeps up, tomorrow morning should really be a scary sight. Moments like this can bring happy accidents. This spider victim had a hand holding a candy bucket.
It fell off during some gust getting caught in the web. Now it looks extra disturbing...
Oh! Did I mention Jason has antlers now?


  1. October weather is always a challenge it seems. <:O

  2. Hope the winds quiet down today!

  3. Same windyness up here. THankfully, a neighbor called to warn me about the winds and I took the tombstones down, not before one got damaged, though. *sigh* It could have been worse...
    That hand does look super creepy!Thanks, Santa Anas!

  4. Yeah. The winds through Burbank were fierce and I have to reset my entire yard this afternoon. Here's hoping for a little less gusting today...

  5. Halloween Wabi-Sabi:)
    Great Blog

  6. Yesterday, oh my. I had so much work to do in the yard it was impossible with that wind. It knocked out our power, felled a tree in the front yard, (which I was kind of happy about as now I have more branches to build the walkway to the cemetery with), and broke apart the huge entryway arch into the cemetery. Crap.

    Good luck with your clean up and repairs today!

  7. Dave, that looks great, and ought to give at least a few trick-or-treaters second thoughts about approaching your house.

    My kids suggested a prop just like this and were really pushing for it. Sadly, I ran out of time, so it will not make it into our yard this year.

    Of course, it's supposed to rain here, so nothing may be appearing in our yard this year.

  8. I have plastic that I need to start putting up tomorrow. I really hope that the winds die down!