27 Days 'Til Halloween - Unknownus Creepus

Among my collection of specimen jar creatures there is one that cannot be identified. Can you? Leave your answer as a comment. The winner (or winners) will get bragging rights. I'll reveal what it is Wednesday along with more from my collection and some tips and tricks I use making jarred up things.


  1. It reminds me of the giant cat-like creature in the Genonosian battle arena in Attack of the Clones.

    A... nexus? I think that's what it was called.

    I think it's a baby nexus.

    I also think it's really really cool looking.

  2. Baby Creature from the Black Lagoon?? Can't wait to get some of your "bottling tips"!

  3. looks like a komodo dragon to me and not the starbucks variety ;)

  4. The offspring of the crocodile in Peter Pan?
    Honey, I shrunk the gator?
    Dwarf Sea Dragon, found nibbling the toes of divers?

  5. Hmm... he looks like a mean one. I'm thinking baby chupacabra, but he looks like he's more of a reptile creature.

  6. these are awesome, you should join our halloween craft blog, terrorific tuesdays!!

  7. Hm. It looks a lot like a synapsid reptile, possibly Anteosaurus or something similar.

    It might also be a fetal Hellhound or a baby Mokele-Mbembe.

    Where was it collected? If it's from a plateau in the Amazon basin or the jungles of central Africa it's probably some kind of dinosaur; if it was recovered from a tangle of unidentified bones surrounded by a huge charred patch of ground I'd say Hellhound.

    Oh...if it melted out of a millenia-old glacier it probably landed here inside a meteorite and might come out of its dormant state soon. Run.

  8. That is a massiff. Two of them were seen fighting over a scrap in the Tusken Raider camp in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, just before Anakin found his mother and killed all the sandpeople.

    This version, manufactured by Hasbro for their Star Wars Saga collection was initially released, incorrectly paired with a Geonosian Warrior, and subsequently repackaged, correctly with a Tusken Raider.

    How nerdy was that?

  9. yup star wars figure