Halloween '09 - Stef's Giant Eyeball

I really hate my friend and past co-worker Stefanie Girard...crafter, artist, author, blogger, decorator, TV producer and many other job titles too numerous to list. She's posted a clever and easy Halloween project "how to" on her site, Sweater Surgery.

I don't hate her because I didn't think of this first or some other jealous reason. I hate her because...well... it had to be a yoga ball? Come on, I'm the very last person on Earth who would have any exercise equipment to use. Thanks Stef, now I may have to go buy one from a healthy lifestyle store. Nothing on Halloween could ever scare me more than those places.

Click here to visit Stef's site.


  1. Oh, and she made a pair of eyes out of bowling balls!!! How fun. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep my 'eye' out for yoga balls. Sorry, I could not help myself.


  2. *sigh* Thank you, now I will also have to go buy one. It wont go with any of my decor, but still. I will make a giant eyeball.

  3. Finally a use for the yoga ball that is collecting dust in my closet

  4. Hey! Were you at Stef's Hallowe'en party last year? I think I met you there!