A New Scarecrow for Halloween?

Click image to enlarge.

Inspired by the great scarecrow creations of Pumpkinrot, I might give extra time this year to making a really cool one. Drawing the above concept/character has already got me figuring out how to make him real (There may be some serious backyard tree pruning soon for needed materials). Eh, even if I don't, it 's fun to think about. I've got plenty of other unrealized ideas I have to make this year...Niece Devin and my Mom still want that crashed UFO on the roof I didn't finish in time last Halloween.


  1. That looks GREAT, man. : )

    Hope you build it!

  2. Love it!
    It definitely reminds me of a Pumpkinrot 'crow with a Lowe twist!

  3. I want the UFO also!