Guerilla Marketing

My daily web comic Para Abnormal turned one year old this week and I'll be very honest, I'm really proud of myself. I've been known to go off an a few "larks" and "follies" in my life. I had my doubts I'd actually keep it going after the first 2 days.

The fact that my visitor count has grown from zero to over 25,000 in a year, amazes and inspires me. Especially since I 've done very little to spread the word and advertise.

There was one afternoon however, while Christmas shopping at the mall with my brother, that we did some guerilla marketing. Moving fast, we brought Para Abnormal up on every computer possible at the Apple Store. Cheap shameless self publicity! The pages actually remained for a little while before an employee went around closing them. I got a good laugh seeing my brother, like a ninja, sneak behind the employee and bring the page back up on a few as she walked away.


  1. Ha!! I didn't even realize you took photos!

  2. I tried to do that over at Innoventions in Disneyland. Unfortunately, they had locked their computers so that you could only go to official Disney sites. I guess they had a problem with folks doing that.

  3. I've just stumbled upon your blog today, and now I realize what I've been missing. You have excellent work, and I just commented on this one because the comic you've put on all the computers is the very same that I corrected all those months ago. Keep up the excellent work!
    ~ Dug