'08 Halloween #45: Just Hours Away

Above is a sketch for a personal children's book project that's been in the works for years. I always get in the mood to dust it off and finish it this time of year.

Halloween is just hours away. Spending the day running around like a zombie with it's head cut off getting my niece's party together and final details done for Trick or Treaters. It's a good stress and frenzy. I've missed my promised daily Halloween posts the last few days, but I'll make up for it adding some extra ones tonight and tomorrow.


  1. I like that. Do you have any more illustrations from the book? And what do I see on the back of the chair...a ghost monster?

  2. Can't wait to see your place tomorrow night!!

  3. Dave, you've done an amazing job here as always. Thanks for your generosity with the amazing number of how to projects this year. If only I'd had time to try one out. I'm dying to see the pictures of your finished display this year, and of your niece's party.

    Have a great Halloween.