'08 Halloween #41: The Bride Inside

Hours after the window Bride had been set up, I stayed up very late working in my garage studio. Everyone had gone to sleep. I went into the house for some coffee. From the kitchen I saw this...

I'll be honest. I was startled uttering a embarrassing girlish squeak of fear. The bride as seen from the inside freaked me out and I LOVED it. Earlier, when turning out the lights before bed, the Fiancee didn't even attempt to figure out which plugs were for the window. She just left them on. Ever since, it's been our haunting night light. Personally, our ghost makes me feel more secure than any burglar alarm system or outdoor motion sensor lights.


  1. LOL! It's scary just looking at it on the computer! Your site is getting me SO excited about Halloween!!!

  2. I'm never sleeping on your living room couch until that is packed away for next year!!

  3. Lovin' the blog and the creations!

    I've been appreciating your blog during the Halloween season and instead of continuing my lurking status thought I would say thank you.

    Season's Creepings!

    Mark Harvey