'08 Halloween #26: The Flower Girl

The reception was a memory.
The hall was empty.
It was close to midnight.
From the stairs came this whisper...
"I want to go home."

The above is a picture of my Niece when she was a wedding flower girl. It was a really creepy shot to begin with but adding some sepia tone and eerie light to her eyes makes it a bit "ghostier". This will be one of many pics I'm replacing frames in the house with.


  1. "31 days of Halloween" my Aunt Fanny! You failed to post anything on October 5th; we are all victims of false advertising. I, for one, want my money back! According to my calculations, you owe me at least $1500, not including the mental pain and anguish that I experienced throughout that day.

    The Better Business Bureau will hear of this!

  2. Trader Sam

    You got me. I hoped that mistake would just slip by. Then again, I did post twice on October 1st,so technically, I'm up to count.

    LOL, where did you get the $1500 number?

  3. Your advertisement says "31 DAYS," not "31 POSTS." We've been jipped!

    The $1500 is an estimate of the time I wasted checking your Blog for a new post. That's time I can't get back.

  4. OK Trader Sam

    I'm on it. Don't want jipped feelings so I'll be more diligent with the posts. $1500 dollars worth of blog posts on the way.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh . . . now I can rest at ease.