'08 Halloween #21: Why?

Why do I go all out for Halloween?
To see a face this happy...


  1. Oh, I agree! I had two options this year: spend $300 on an mp3 player that I really, REALLY want, or spend $200+ on Halloween. I chose Halloween just to see everyone enjoy themselves.

  2. Chris Williams (Tallahassee, FL)10/06/2008 10:03 AM

    Is that Devin? Wow you guys are in big trouble. Parents should invest right now in anti-theft devices that can be attached to arrows and shot into the legs of young male (would be) suitors....and uncle Dave should begin construction on a time machine, so you can go back to this time...when you're thinking she's all grown up, shaking your head and feeling old in the coming years.

  3. she's precious, seeing children have fun on halloween and christmas is priceless...