Neil Gaiman's CORALINE and the Brother in Law

My brother in law Kirk and sister Monica live in Portland. Kirk has been working on CORALINE. It's a stop motion animated feature from Laika Studios by Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman. I had a tour of Laika studios while visiting Kirk and Monica last Thanksgiving.

It was, at the time, a highly secretive project. To get such an "insider" tour was a great privilege. I was driven in the direction of the studios. A bag was placed over my head 5 blocks away. I felt the car gain speed as Kirk said...

"That's where I work"

The ride lasted miles with many twists and turns. We finally stopped for lunch at a diner called Shari's. Only then could the blindfold come off. I was honored to have seen such amazing work in progress.

There are five CORALINE "making of/behind the scene" videos at

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