2008 Halloween Countdown #5

Giant Monster Theme ( now, aka the Kong yard )

Ok, maybe sketching my possible theme ideas was a bad idea. Now this one has become a real favorite. What scares me the most? I could actually pull this off. With all the crazy things I've made in my career, this gives me no trepidation at all. I know exactly how to make this. In many ways it's easier than putting IKEA furniture together. My perspective and anatomy is a little off here but you get the idea...

Click image to enlarge.

I love the thought of kids getting candy from Kong's hand. Maybe with some simple engineering I could get the fingers to open and close as they do. I hope the Fiancee doesn't read the blog this week. She'll shut the crazy Halloween idea machine down before I get to countdown #6.

This is going to be tough to settle on a plan, we'll see where sketching other themes takes me.


  1. megan Jeffery7/30/2008 7:03 AM

    The size differential between his giant hand and the bowl is really funny.
    I'd be interested in all the steps involved in creating that head and arm.

  2. Well, I have to say, as much as I'm looking forward to your Frankenstein version, I do like the Kong one!


  3. If you pull this off, it'll be the stuff of legend. : )

    DO IT!

  4. Shouldn't your girlfriend be sitting in King Kong's hand in a cute outfit handing out the candy??????
    PS I don't have a plan for the Airstream, currently just it's rehab at the moment.