Studios of artistic idols.

Nothing is more romantic and inspiring to me than seeing an artistic idol's studio.

Howard Pyle from the book N.C. WYETH by Douglas Allen and Douglas Allen, Jr.
Photo from the Delaware Art Museum.

N.C. Wyeth studio from the book N.C.WYETH by Douglas Allen and Douglas Allen Jr.
Photo from the William Penn Memorial Museum, Harrisburg.

Rockwell from the book NORMAN ROCKWELL ILLUSTRATOR by Arthur L. Guptill.
Photo by Robert McAfee.

Frazetta from the book ICON:FRANK FRAZETTA edited by Arnie & Cathy Fenner.
Photo by David Winiewicz.

The Frazetta picture (from 1997) is a favorite of mine. When I discovered his work as a kid in the late seventies, the mystique of the man was as powerful and fantastic as his illustrations. This picture is just a regular guy drawing. Seeing someone I worship wearing shorts in his studio as cluttered as mine and sitting at the same style drafting table I have is amazing. I even had similar window blinds in many of my old apartments. These details really fuel me.

The idea that great artists work in some remote mystic room
of creativity (forbidden to the unworthy) is washed away and could be me.

That's what really makes seeing an artist's studio so great and inspiring. Seeing little details that you can relate too. You realize your humble studio is not unlike a masters. You lose the petty insecurities. You can now focus on your work and how it'll never be as good as theirs.

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  1. So where's the picture of you in your studio so we can compare?