The PARA ABNORMAL cheap joke of the week!

Today I posted one of the cheapest, bad jokes I've ever cartooned over at PARA ABNORMAL...

I've decided to make Friday cartoons there "The Cheap Jokes of the Week" and you can participate. E-mail me or leave as comments (here or there) your bad, cheap or hokey cartoon idea. If I use yours- you'll get credit, bragging rights and I'll e-mail you a nice high-res version of the cartoon. There is no deadline or idea limit. This is open ended.

The hokeyer the better (remember any bad kid jokes from the playground days?) and keep it in theme with PARA ABNORMAL.


  1. megan Jeffery7/02/2008 6:21 AM

    How about another in this vein:
    Buoys & Gulls?

  2. megan Jeffery7/03/2008 9:39 AM

    Oh, pooh! "Buoys & Gulls" isn't para abnormal! I didn't see that 'til just now... sorry about that...
    To make up for that:
    Is cannibailism para abnormal?
    I know it's abnormal at the very least.

    Q. Why was the little cannibal expelled from school?

    A. He was caught trying to butter up the teacher.