INDY Countdown: 3 days

TV and the Web is a "spoiler" minefield now. The movie has been shown to the press and reviews are showing up everywhere. A friend e-mailed me warning I should avoid Myspace and Facebook as well because certain people are revealing details in their "quotes".

I'm actually becoming a paranoid and afraid to go out in public worried of overhearing some random INDY 4 conversation at the grocery store. Actually, scratch that. I am a paranoid and afraid to go out in public...but...what if I wasn't?


  1. I'm right there with you on spoiler evasion. I was able to read the script for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" several months before it was released and seeing the finished movie was not the thrill for me it should have been (even at the NYC premiere). I have extended every effort to making sure this never happened again with any movie I was excited about seeing. I even closed my eyes when the trailor for "Crystal Skull" ran before "Iron Man."