My latest project was a set design all about cars for a weekly internet series soon to air on WEB RIDES TV.

My inspiration was my love of building plastic model car kits for a time as a kid. Needed parts were attached to frames...

The thrill of opening a new model, seeing the parts lined up waiting to be snapped off and glued together was exciting. My hope is rabid "gear heads" have the same kid inside them who made plastic models once and get the homage.

My set concepts...

The completed set...

I lost a day or so building/shopping because of rain early in the week. My brother Ted arrived like Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon to help make up the time. There was no Princess to put a medal on him hearing John Williams music but he did get a burrito dinner and a few bucks for the effort...


  1. That looks COOL! I still feel the galvanized steel in my hands! Ha!

  2. megan Jeffery1/21/2008 8:11 AM

    Ooh, that's cool, Dave.
    Like how it's a nod to childhood while at the same time being totally sleek and grownup.