If breakfast has a name, it must be...

Part of an archeologist's complete breakfast including toast, juice and shankara stones. Indy's only 6 months away and the merchandise is going to start hitting stores soon, gotta clear off some shelves.

Check out these new pics just released on the official web page, Harrison Ford looks great...

This movie is going to be huge...for one reason...my own Father is willing to wait on line for however long it takes, to go to the first screening on the first day, even if it's a midnight show!


  1. My Pop had trouble posting a comment he wanted to, so he e-mailed it to me...

    " Re Indiana Jones opening...Yep I will be there for the midnight show. And thank you for not mentioning that you will have to be prepared to constantly elbow me to stop snoring"

    Hey Dad, if we see a midnight show, we'll take shifts elbowing each other...I'm getting too old for this stuff.

  2. Man I love Indiana Jones. Even Kermit as Indiana Frog on Muppet Babies.