Halloween countdown #7

I've had a regular character on the lawn these many years...the ghost bride. The original was a old broken mannequin acquired through my Mom who was working at Robinson May Dept. store way back when.

I sold her at a garage sale when offered a hard to pass up price. It was regretted the next year. I replaced her with a cheap styrofoam head on a stake draped in fabric. A simple thing but worked.

Last year, I found a whole mannequin to use late in my decorating. I cut out the eyes, inserted a light and just covered in cloth, but looked better than a foam head on a stake.

This year, I'm taking some time to detail her better. She's a work in progress at the moment and hope to have her on the lawn by Sunday.


  1. Hi, Dave !!
    I'm surprised to be the first comment on this post, given that so much time has passed. Still...
    Could you go into more detail about putting the lighting in and how you get the eyes to look such a cool blue. Did you use gels? Or is it just reflected light?? The reason I ask is because in the photo where the eyes are lit up, the lighting beneath the dress looks like it comes from a regular 'white' or 'pearl' bulb and yet the light from the eyes does not.
    It does look like it will make a GREAT window feature. I'm already wondering where I can get hold of a mannequin !!


  2. JJ,
    Most mannequins are hollow.I dremel drilled her eye sockets out and cut the back of her head open. I simply mounted a work light socket with basic blue party light bulb inside. I also drilled many small holes in the top of her head to allow a heat vent.

    Yes, she does also have accent lighting from below ("malibu" lights)

    Mannequins are actually very easy to find, check online or search for store fixture displays locally. Ask local stores if they have any old ones they want to get rid of. Some stores throw them out or hide them away if missing a part or damaged.