Halloween countdown #6

"Bit by bit...putting it together"...yes, I just quoted a Streisand song. But it fits here. The yard decorating has begun. I'll be adding something (large or small) everyday this week and hope to have the main display done by next Sunday. But like like every year, I'll probably add more and more until the 31st because it's fun to do.

The graveyard is the first to take shape. It looks a little bare now but when finished will be "standing room only" for all zombies.

Every year I want things to look realistic. It never does, except for one or two things. I always hope this will be the year I make the cheap plastic skeletons look like the real thing. They never do. Why do I still try?

This year, I'm just going to do what I do best. It's all going to look like a big cartoon (but still Halloween spooky) . The cheap plastic skeletons are getting a humorous/ kid friendly face lift...

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