Halloween countdown #13

What kind of uncle am I ? The niece came over yesterday to help with some last minute decorating. We had a few laughs and I discovered what a great goofy sense of humor she's developing...

I was a good uncle up until I explained we were making a JASON dummy for the front lawn! This only lead to many questions from her wanting to know all about the maniac killer of hundreds.

Why does he wear a mask?
Why is there blood on his pants?
What does he look like under the mask?
Is he real?
Could he be real?
How did he kill people?
Did he eat people?

The questions went on and on. I ended up spinning a story of Jason so watered down and censored so not to give her nightmares that it was just short of including rainbows and unicorns. I must of told a good story because when he was finished we posed him in a coffin and she said...

"Wait, coffins are for bad guys like vampires."

I'm a bad uncle...I spun the story of the "killer of Camp Crystal Lake" like a fuzzy warm Care Bear movie!


  1. Cute photo!

  2. No wonder she asked for a Jason doll for Christmas!