A Great "Voice Mail".

Does anyone else save certain "voice mails" so you can hear over again and smile? Here's one from a few week's back. My niece Devin and I had been talking about Halloween decorating when I visited her one day. I got this message later in the afternoon (with edited help from her Mom, telling her when to talk after the beep)...

I'm pretty sure what my Niece meant by "orange" foam was Great Stuff insulation foam which I use a lot of in my Halloween decorating. The "mad" monster she mentions I think is the "tar" monster from the SCOOBY DOO rogue's gallery. He was a old "Saturday morning" series character and made a appearance in the 2nd "live action" movie. Both I'm sure Devin has seen in re-runs.

If my detective work correct...the 5 year old is amazing...not only did she come up with a cool monster to make but thought about using materials she knew I had to make it. I love the idea of trying to find an "eyeball" as she says. What a great shopping trip that would make together.

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  1. I love that and yes, she is brilliant! As I do every year around this time, I've been thinking about you and wishing that we lived closer so I could come in the night and steal your decorations for my own, decorative use. Post pictures of this year's creations and good luck with the eye shopping! I dare you to call your local donor center. --Vickie