Saturday Video

I just discovered a commercial for A.J.'s Time Travelers on FOX in the mid 90's on YOUTUBE. I was the set decorator. Although a short lived series, I did get to work on a Saturday morning kid's show which was always a small career hope of mine.

Watch for the throttle the "pilot" pushes forward (it goes by fast). One of the best things I've ever just slapped together and got a lot of focus on the show. It was requested by the director at the last minute. He wanted the "pilot" to do something more than just push a button (as written in the script) and have more dramatic action. His request came at 5pm in the afternoon and was needed by the morning. Far too late to find at any prop rental house. I had to think fast and went shopping. I bought a toy bull dozer, cut the body in half, added some glued on details and replaced the scoop on it's arms with a old video game joystick. Once painted and mounted on the control panel the next morning, it worked great. Sometimes the quick and dirty stuff turns out pretty good.

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