Top 10 Reasons to go to COMIC CON next year

Photo by Kevin Baird

10... slave Leia
9... slave Leia
8... slave Leia
7... slave Leia
6... slave Leia
5... slave Leia
4... slave Leia
3... slave Leia
2... slave Leia
1... the odds are good the Fiancee will never come with me


Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purpose only. Dave Lowe would never find any strange woman in a "slave Leia" costume attractive. There is no woman more attractive than a wholesome girl from Baltimore who reads books and has cats...lots of books and lots of cats. Dave Lowe is blind to any woman who was not educated early to be a lady at the Bryn Mawr School. "Slave Leia" costumes are attempts by women to gain quick and easy attention from people. It's so sad they don't realize their mind should be the most attractive part of them.

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  1. I always try to credit work not my own on this blog or link back to original source. I did not do so for this post. The picture is by Kevin Baird. This was just a slip. I've recently discovered my post has been forwarded around to folks and I often forget the world can read my blog and not just giving a smile to friends and family. As an artist myself, I should of known better to be respectful and acknowledge who took the picture.

    My apologies to Kevin.