Neighborhood Quality Control.

One night, a few years back, I was wearing my work worn paint stained clothes walking out of a Starbucks with my coffee. I saw someone leaving their parked car with the lights on. I started to tell them they had as they walked near me. They waved me off saying "I have no spare change". Realizing how I looked, I let it go.

Here's a new one...

Does anyone else have someone in the neighborhood that feels it's their job to be the quality control officer? This person came up to me yesterday while I was tending our front lawn. A blue Toyota Corolla that is a permanent fixture on the block was parked on the street. She said, pointing to it...

"Hi, See that disgusting car? It's always around. It's full of junk, it must be some "homeless" persons. I'd love to get it out of here or towed away. So if you ever catch the owner of it parking near your house you should ask them to move on."

"Yea, uh...that's my car." I answered.

I enjoyed the awkward moment that followed. "Oh, OK" she said and just walked away.

For 10 years my 97' corolla has been a workhorse. It was never expected to be a "pick up" truck. It bears the dents, scars and scraps from all my many jobs. It has hauled everything from fine china in the trunk to bails of hay tied to the roof. It was also a reliable, trusted friend traveling across the country ....

Often my car is hidden at the end of the driveway behind our homes 2 nicer cars owned by the fiancee and her sister. One day soon, I hope to get a brand new vehicle that is designed with space for all the props, tools and stuff I have to load up for work everyday.

Until then, I'm sorry Ranchito old Toyota will be a ugly blemish in the neighborhood when parked on the street.

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  1. Gah! That's the worst. It's justified by the the notion that you are bringing down everyone else property value, right?

    In my colorful neighborhood, growing up, my sisters and I were always enchanted by the station wagon at the end up the block that never moved but housed every toy we ever wanted. It was packed with everything, including a Barbie Head - the bust made for Barbie make-overs. I heard a story later that this couple had lost a child and kept buying toys for her and storing them in the car.

    I would like learn a wise-proverb type of response besides MYOB.