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All the entries are in. Time to vote! Anyone reading can vote (you did not have to enter) Pick at least 2 entries, no more, no less. Then post your choices as a "comment" or you can e-mail them to me ( The polls will stay open until Friday midnight PST. I'll announce the winner Saturday 8/18

Thanks everyone who entered and good luck! Here's the cartoon again followed by
all the choices.

"You may look better, but you sure don't smell better."

2) Rex's first day of Tran-species modification training:

"A couple of up front rules: 1) tongue stays in the mouth. 2) Nose stays out of other peoples crotches, 3) everything stinky isn't a food group, and most important of all, 4) even though you CAN, you shouldn't lick the nether regions, ever."

3) Pussy Whipped

"And you're still wondering why a canine was never "King of the Jungle?"

4) Marcellus Washington, as a cat...

"The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride ****ing with you. **** pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps. "

5) Grover contemplates why his owners just didn't get another cat if they were going to dress him up as one.

"It's simply amazing what Vickie can knit up with my hairballs!"

6) As Waldo tried on his new back-to-school outfit...

"...your tail doesn't match."

7) Getting the cat's fantasy all wrong...

"...but it was supposed to be like Princess Leia in a gold bikini, not gold fur..."

8) At first, Waldo tried to be friends with the cat...

" want to chase want to eat can't catch me..."

9) "Nice costume dog, now which one of us gets to maul that freakin magician ROY?"