Sunday Squirrel Training

I live in a cozy house here in the Valley with the "fiancee" and future sister in law, Stefania.

Stefania is the head wildlife ranger. Every morning she's in the backyard feeding birds and placing peanuts and other treats out for squirrels. Over the past year the squirrels have become more tolerant of human company. They're not taking food from hands yet but getting close! Just this morning one was brave enough to come down the tree take a quick sniff of a peanut in my fingers but he quickly dashed up the tree again. I tried to snap a picture as he came down close a second time but it spooked him.

One day soon they will trust me.
One day soon I will train them all.
One day soon I will raise a squirrel army.
One day soon I shall be the Squirrel King!

1 comment:

  1. If you're going to be the Squirrel King, you're probably going to need a costume. Get to work on that, then take pix.