Flashback Friday # 13

So many RISD tales to tell, so little time to post before the 20 year alumni reunion in October. I want to make each one count. I'm deep into researching archival material. Today my "flashback" Friday post is a teaser of some future stories on this blog.

Who was this stuffed animal head (the one to the left) and how was it mentioned in the 1987 RISD class yearbook?

What's the story on these three looking like extras from an Oliver Stone film?

Why did I need to blur the fingers in this photo?

What kind of summer job makes two good friends come to blows?

Who are these two?

Why are these guys in a desert 2000 miles from Rhode Island?

The answers to these questions and more will be told in the coming weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm... the only answer I know is "Arnold the Buck" for the first picture, but I think I know that because he appeared in our yearbook.
    Don't know the story behind him or any of these others, looking forward to being regaled!