A "Family Fun" Halloween

I did more craft making and styling for another round of Disney's Family Fun "how to" web videos last week. This time they were all Halloween themed (holidays come early in TV production) and included...

A skeleton made from 5 gallon milk jugs.

Small spooky trees made from twisted brown paper bags and little ghosts made from simple flour/water/salt dough.

A monster hand party favor, a popcorn filled plastic glove with candy corn fingernails.

Monster head decorations made by painting old 5 gallon water jugs with a deli container neck (base) and optional cardboard nose.

The final one (to the lower right of the picture) was a ghost chair cover. It's a simple white pillow case with glued on black felt details.

Along with some fun food projects, they all come together for a cute party. The videos will be online sometime in September. Visit www.familyfun.com.

1 comment:

  1. These are great! That skeleton is too cute!!!
    Love the popcorn/candy corn hands too. FamilyFun does such great projects...
    I'm laughing trying to picture some poor person trying to paint heads like you do-- good luck with that! Hahahaha!