One of life's little jokes...

I have an addiction. Star Wars action figures. I started to buy them in 1996 when Hasbro created a new line of toys. Three new movies and eleven years later... atleast 90% of the walls in my small office/studio is dedicated to 4" high hunks of plastic. Here's just one wall...

A few months before my niece Devin was born, my sister Megan found out she was going to have a girl and called all the family to tell us. I did this cartoon at the time...

That's what I thought then...until...last week, when Devin came over to visit. She had always just looked and pointed at the toys before. This day she saw a Princess Leia figure and asked me take it down so she could see it closer. Within minutes Jabba the hut, speeder bikes, taun tauns, ewoks and misc. characters were off the shelf and being really played with for the first time.

It did not bother me that she had no concern these were "collector items".
It did not bother me she lost tiny lightsabers and guns every 5 seconds.
It did not bother me she ripped the cloak on Darth Maul.

What bothered me was she had no concern for Star Wars canon and accurate details...

Darth Vader does not wear a stormtrooper helmet!
Princess Leia does not joy ride in a Y wing fighter!
Padme Amidala does not use a sith double bladed lightsaber!
The vicious Rancor is not Luke Skywalker's pet like her dog Bruiser!

Here's just a minute or two of over an hour of Star Wars play. It was one of the most fun afternoons I've had in a long time...

In the cartoon I drew before she was born, I gave her blond hair and a pink outfit... she does have blond hair and that day was wearing pink! Really weird, one of life's little jokes.


  1. It was one of the best playdates she ever had!

  2. I have photographs of my brother showing my 18-month-old daughter all the weapons from his playmobil people. "This is a mace." :-)

    As far as I know, he still had all of them, intact, at the end of their playdate.......