Custom Props - The Brain Jar

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This is a personal piece I made just for the fun of it with random old junk that was laying around. It took no more than 2 hours to make, it could be considered a custom prop sketch.

The base is an overturned ceramic plant pot. The bowl, a cookie jar. The rivets and other details are small wood plugs and random bits of hardware. I gave it a faux rust treatment. The yellow formaldehyde look is stained glass spray paint.

The brain is two pieces of upholstery foam glued together and quickly shaped and detailed with scissors. I literally dunked it in a small bucket of light gray colored house paint and let dry. Then gave it a few washes of thinned brown and red acrylic paint.

I love Victorian era, clunky, riveted, Jules Verne type fantasy design. I recently discovered it's now a genre known as "Steampunk".

1 comment:

  1. Hey, good tip on the fake formahldehyde and not having to use real liquid.
    I have that IKEA cookie jar that's not being used!
    And I have a brain that's not being used!