R2 D2 mailboxes

Have you seen those R2 mailboxes popping up around your town? A Star Wars fan has created a map you can add your own sighting and picture as a pin. It's hoped that all the mailbox droids around the country will be found. So go ahead and snap a picture of one in your neighborhood and upload it to the map...here's the link- http://www.frappr.com/r2d2/photo/4684121

I added this picture my brother took of the one outside NBC studios here in Burbank CA.

Yea, it's kinda dorky, but fun and free to do.

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  1. Yeah, they had a bit on this on Saturday Night LIve this past week.
    I won't repeat the joke, as I'm too much of a "lady", but suffice it to say:
    The good name of C3PO was slightly besmirched.