Five O' Clock Girl.

My sister and artist Monica Lowe Scott has been creating new work.

Knowing her, the finished work below took her less than 15 minutes to create but she took 5 days to research images and think about what pen to use. She will then stare at the art for days. Deciding they are not up to her standards, she will throw them in a dark corner of the house fighting her want of burning them as her inner self critic voice is telling her to do. She'll then make a pot of coffee and sulk on the couch flipping through t.v. channels looking for a Discovery Channel show on giant squids or some reality show to satiate her need for a new season of Survivor. Then her husband Kirk will come home and ask...

"What's wrong?"
"Nothing." She says.

Awkward silence will fill the room. Kirk will then rewind the days events in his head to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. He'll then...wait, I digress. Here is Monica's latest work...

See more of her work at and visit her new web store, click on... Five O'Clock Girl. All the above art is there and much fun would it be to shop at the grocery store with a human heart on your tote bag muttering...

"Man, why do they only have animal parts to eat!"


  1. Oh man! Those are nice images. I'm loving the dragonfly, plus I'm a tote bag FIEND!

  2. Thanks Dave!
    And that story was a little you have cameras setup in our house?