Halloween 2006

You pass the graveyard...

brave the one eyed alien...

and the giant spider...

pass under the guillotine...

and approach the dark figure sitting amid a cloud of smoke holding the candy...

I would of never done it as a kid but many did. There seemed to me more kid's than last year and a few familiar faces. All seemed too have a real good time.

The evening was made extra special having friends and family visit for the night really making a event to look forward too again next year...not pictured were Sandra, Vince, Kelsey and Andrew who stopped by.

Andrew hung out into the late hours and helped scare a couple of later night trick or treaters . We did a bait and switch with him in the electric chair as I stood by like a manniquin. Once I came to life he begged the kids to take me home and I followed them down the street.

Alessandra had the inside house loaded with food and drink and a dark corner of the drive way set up for all to sit and enjoy the scares.

Bill, Leia, Megan, Devin and Paul.

Mom and Dad.

My sister Megan

This post would not be complete without the usual "my niece, Devin" gush. She is checking off the Disney Princess list year to year. Year one- Cinderella, year two- Tinkerbelle, this year-Ariel. As always my favorite trick or treater...

My brother Ted came by to help prep the fun this year almost everyday for a week, we had alot of fun and makes me look foward to next year even more...thanks to him as well for most of these pictures.

This year marks a goodbye to the Micheal Myers costume. I'm going to be something new next Halloween. He'll still haunt the place...just on a manniquin.
It was a fun night with cheesy decorations and cheap scares...I'm already thinking about next year and have a year's worth of mess to clean up.

Never forget...Halloween beasts need love too...


  1. You are clearly every kid in the neighborhood's favorite Halloween site! :-)

  2. I wish we were there. It looked fantastic. Next year we will definitely fly down!