Countdown to Halloween 2

Here 's how I spent my Sunday afternoon ...making a zombie.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Mix in a large cheap Big Lot's plastic skeleton, one small bag of Crayola Model Magic, one wooden dowel and one can of Great Stuff insulation foam. Garnish with paint and cheese cloth.


  1. Spending a Sunday afternoon making a zombie, life doesn't get any better does it? ;)

    We are into Halloween big time, I use coat racks and ladders and make HUGE witches on my front porch, I use alot of my own clothing too, my neighbors are like, "isn't that your dress on that ladder?"

  2. I love your zombie! Would you mind sharing the steps you took to make this? I have been looking for some interesting things to do with the cheap skeletons!

  3. You told Devin nothing scary this year. She asked almost every day since last years halloween how the brain lives in the jar & whose brain is it, who sits in the chair that electrifies people & why and where the woman with red eyes who lays on Alessandra's dining room table came from? Granted she is a year older, but when she asks who the zombie is and where from beneath the ground he is coming from I will tell her to ask her Uncle Dave.

  4. Far out - you are so talented !
    ( and a tad creepy ;)

  5. Dave,

    Great Site. Your awesome! I'm amazed at the different things you do with a cheap plastic skeleton! I would love to know how you do it!
    Keep posting pictures, please!