A Crafty P.S.A

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Andrew the Field Producer on DIY's upcoming Craftlab hosted by Jennifer Perkins called me yesterday. He needed art to print up as a hand out card while filming segments for the show later this week at a craft convention. It was a last minute idea and needed to get to printers ASAP! He was leaving in 2 days. I knocked out the above graphic sitting at my desk in 20 minutes (if that) The tools strewn about is a picture of my worktable as it was with a little staging and photoshop.

Here's the part that kills me...it actually took longer to upload and e-mail out the art than it took to create...freakin' dial up. Seriously, when I also had to e-mail out a revision or two, I might of well just printed and cut a hundred or so myself. It would of taken less time.

Anyway, catch the show in September. I'm off to research high speed connection to the web.

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