Attack of the Chupacabra!

Today, working in my studio, I had a weird and scary experience.

While sitting at my drawing board from the corner of my eye I saw a blur pass by my open door along the path outside. I assumed it was one of my girlfriend's cats. I gave a casual glance twords the door. Then, I noticed something strange...a long leathery scaled tail that followed the blur disappearing as it passed beyond the door frame. Being odd I went to the door and peaked my head outside and saw something that is only of urban legend...


I froze for a was real! It was as many have described: lizardlike, slimey with huge bulging eyes and long sharp talons! I composed myself enough to grab my camera. Below are several photos I took of the creature and details of my encounter. I'm sorry the pictures are blurry. My hands were shaking in fear.

Here is the first photo and I included a picture of my 12" work boot to give scale to the beast.

Click on all pictures below to experience the unexplained and horror up close.

I know many people under extreme distress often remember details bigger than life, but I'm confident the Chupacabra I saw was atleast 12 inches long if not 3 feet long...and might be 8 foot tall if it was standing on it's hind legs.

It leaped on the wall and it's massive claws cracked and crushed the brick as it climbed upwards. I think the damage it did has severly harmed the integrity of the wall and I might have to re-build it.

Once the hideous mythical beast reached the top it turned twords me and let out a horrible screech. I covered my ears in fear they might rupture and bleed... it was that loud!

Just then... it lunged at me! I snapped the controversial below picture when I ducked as the Chupacabra flew past my face!

I'll never forget it's foul breath and the nightmarish feeling of it's teeth as they brushed against my throat.

I thank God for my instinctive monster defensive reflex actions since childhood. I was prepared when the CHUPACABRA ATTACKED!

I survived.

Some say my blurry photos look like a common lizard in Southern California only 4 inches long.

Some say, my thrilling photo of the demon's teeth about to tear into my tender flesh is a close up of a toy I have in my studio.

Some say I should get out more and be less fearfull of nature and not make up stories to explain why I scream like a girl if I see things as common as a pidgeon.

I say...I lived the horror.

The Chupacabra is real!


  1. i can 't express to you how much i love this post. oh lol. oh lol. you are the best storyteller ever. geez. louise.

  2. Figure D. Hmm, let me guess: The Rancor!

  3. Why oh why did they cancel "In Search Of" back in 1982? Had circumstances been different, we would surely be watching the reenactment of your saga with a voiceover of the events by Leonard Nimoy.

    Oh, dare to dream.